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# 86 The Torpedo Room
06-04-2011, 07:17 PM
As told by Vice Admiral Bob:

I love the torpedo room. So quiet; so peaceful. No one ever comes in here. The only people who do are the crewmen assigned to inventory the torpedos and since I know their schedule, I'm guaranteed solitude.

Solitude, that's why I'm here. Sure my ready room and quarters can be left alone at my very order but there is something about the torpedo room I find peaceful. There is no hum or beeping. There is only a small communications speaker that I manually unplug whenever I enter. I keep a reclining chair in here and the crew know to leave it alone. When I am in here, only a Red Alert brings me to the bridge.

Why do I feel the need to get away? It probably started with my childhood. I grew up in rural Alabama in North America on Earth. I would sometimes head into the woods alone just to be with my thoughts. The only thing you could hear was the sound of the wind blowing through the trees. Walking in the woods, I felt alone. I felt peaceful. When I went to Starfleet Academy, I would always go walking in the mountains nearby. Just to be by myself.

My first commanding officer thought it was weird that I would use the torpedo storage room for solitude. But I really had no choice. Ensigns didn't get private rooms. And despite the fact I enjoy being around my crew, sometimes I want to be alone. Far removed from everybody and everything. I want to be in the silence of the torpedo room.

This is my refuge. This is my quiet place. Nothing and no one bothers me in here. When I am here, I'm...

RED ALERT! Admiral to the bridge!