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06-05-2011, 07:57 AM
Originally Posted by red_shirt_ View Post
The OP kind of summarize the biggest problem with the KDF. There is not enough content that people desire to play through to entertain a player through and through. Then what do they do, they go Federation and leave KDF with one less potential regular player. This is a screaming example of why content need to be injected into KDF very soon so that new player don't desert it after a few levels of play...
Yep, we had a lot of Feds come over into our fleet to give KDF a try, most haven't touched their toon in while due to the lack of content, our fleet size doubled but we still have the same number of active players. I started to get my original fed toon above LT6. There are so many missions to do it is almost overwhelming

I spend a lot of time lately with my KDF helping others level. Even though I am matching their level it still goes fast with the extra skills you have at LTG compared to CDR and below.