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06-05-2011, 11:59 AM
My apologies for what happened yesterday. York and I were online but apparently when talking to Quack yesterday--it seems there were some mixed signals that occurred. Shortly before I came on, Primus pulled out due to something coming up that he was unable to make the event.

I came on 20 minutes before it was suppose to have happened while York was already on. But it seems that due to lack of communication, it appeared the event was interpreted as being called off before any official word was known to me as I was confused as to what was going on.

While talking to Quack, I think the reason why many of our guys haven't been around for the events could be due to real life issues or just hating the amount of too much downtime between the time of the season 3 patch release to the the upcoming season 4. Plus another factor is could be is that some of our guys may not be huge PVP'ers.

However, Quack and I talked about trying to do something different. With the upcoming season 4 patch and some proposed improvements to exploration, I think we should engage in some joint fleet exploration runs. Perhaps by adding a different incentive, it may inspire some of our guys to participate in something that isn't PVP.