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06-05-2011, 12:14 PM
Originally Posted by KBFLordKrueg View Post
As much as I'd like to see more Klingon ships. I kinda think them making any improvment to the Carrier is unlikely. The Feds already complain about carriers "spamming" what else to carriers do but put as many aircraft up as they can? I see it in the Fed chat when I log onto my smooth-head constantly, always the same, complaining about Klingons using carriers in PvP, especially 2 or more. If they would give them the ability to launch even more the protest would light the forums.
After a year and a half of virtually no ship customization, I'd almost be willing to settle for that.
It would be great to get some comparable to the "advanced" versions of the Feds, a couple additional upper-end ships would be great, too.
Hey...I can dream....
I can promise you one thing. The moment the Feds get their carrier ever single one of these "naysayers" will be the first to grab one.

Without exception, they will be the same ones screaming to the devs about how carriers have ruined PvP, and are only responsible for spam.

But, then with an about turn they will defend the need for a Federation carrier. Absolutely no logic, for vulcan sympathizers!