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I totally agree it should be free I mean for the friggin' love of money WERE 500 A BLOODY FIVE HUNDRED DAY VETERANS SHOULDN'T WE GET SOME FRINGE BENEFITS HERE!? come on Cryptic make some sense here geez
Cryptic / Atari would, it seems would rather make money at our expense and our detriment. These uniforms are not cannon! Most donít even look good. Where does it say that fashion in the future has to look grotty? (I say that about the Admirals coat also!) These suits are just an addition to the uniforms that came stock with the game. Iím going to wait for a half off sale until I even think about buying them! I think that cryptics efforts would be better served by adding the obscure stuff. Such as Yesterdayís Enterprise Uniforms Officer and Enlisted... (in fact that might have been a better 500 day reward from a sales stand point.) Or Scottyís Bomber jacket as seen in ST 3 and 5 or perhaps Lieutenant Carolyn Palamas dress as worn in Who Mourns for Adonais? Come to think of it, why does everything look like its leather and PVC, instead of cloth? Starfleet Isnít S&M city!

Another item that could be added is the Uniform designed for, but never used in Generations.

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You're right,I just noticed that,I hope they just don't give the belt I want the uniforms not just the belt and I don't want to pay money for the uniform,I mean really...Crypitc! watch yourself..
There are better options... Cryptic should watch itself!