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06-05-2011, 08:12 PM
Ok.. so a few weeks ago I got into a tiff about OP KDF fire power vs that of Fed.. Sooo I took a few days away from the forums here and thought... and thought...

Shortly after a pvp match I had a KDF member challenge me to a 1v1 to see if my build was Fubar.. (I'm no master at this game, but like every Capt. Good or Bad.. Fed or Klingon I accepted) So we went at it.. I was ina Nebula class vessel. He ate me up.. Went through my shields like nothing, and I struggled to even break his. I was using all purped weapons and he was in the green. I had purp shields, engine and deflector.. nothing seemed to work.. I even switched to offensive mode.. nope couldn't punch a hole in him. Sooo I switched ships. I chose the long range recon vessel. I lasted much longer and it went back and forth for a bit, but I was in def mode and couldn't do much damage to him.. I just pretty much stalled him. In offensive mode.. much the same..

I then switched to an an Assault Cruiser, tougher hull str, and two more weapon slots. I find myself doing better in this ship, but my shields still drop rapidly.. even when just fighting a Bop for cryn' out loud. It appears their weapon cycle is faster than mine.. notice I said appears.. I'm still seeing a struggle to get through the shields even against a bop and I can't figure it out... (Please all those with smart ass comments like "You Suck", "Your Build Sucks", "Learn to Play Your Ship") don't respond because if I wanted a child's opinon I'd ask my GF's 9 yr old.

Now I'm going to get back on and trump about KDF Drones.. Now look just hear me out.. is all I ask. I'm going to guess at the number of drones a KDF Carrier gets at being 5. Now lets put two KDF carriers two Cruisers and one Bop in a match with two Star Cruisers, Two Cruisers and One Sci ship.

KDF FIre power is: Ten drones with two weapons.. each thats twenty beam weapons alone. Then there's the Carrier's weapons at being eight each that sixteen... So just two ships with drones brings to bear, Thirty Six Weapons. Now two Cruisers at I"m guess four weapon slots fore and aft..another Sixteen weapons bringing the total to 52 weapons to bear. Last the bop which has I'm guessing two forward and two aft..if I recall from my own KDF player.. so we have a total of 56 weapons to bear total.

Fed Side, Two Star Cruisers eight weapons each thatst sixteen weapons together. Two Assault Cruisers thats eight each again total of sixteen, thats sixteen times two.. thirty two weapons to bear and finally a sci ship with three forward and three aft weapons total of six for a grand total of 42 weapons for Fed side and 56 for KDF side.

56 weapons bearing to 42 weapons to bear. So in the words of the show "Deadliest Warrior" advantage goes to KDF!! The drones brought out gives the KDF side with the other ships, 15 ships to the Feds 5. Advantage KDF. Please I welcome correction because I understand I'm no expert at this but I hope you can all see how and why I feel that the KDF bears to much advantage. I believe that when the Federation goes into battle and fights and actually wins, it is at times by sheer luck and I'll toss in there some skill.

Its aggirvating to see my shields eaten up and yet I don't have the power to return the same kind of fire power even when I'm fighting a lesser class ship. It makes no sense to me and so I get nerd rage as I heard some one call it. I'm not here to start a bickering fight and if thats how your going to reply spare me the demonstraition of your age. I'm here to discuss this as a level headed adult and want the same in return.

Now as we all should know that if one society discovers another hostile society has a particular weapon type that they don't have, it stands to reason they would build a weapon to either counter it or match it. So it only stands to reason that the Federation would themselves build carriers as well.

Thanks and I look forward to your responses.