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06-05-2011, 09:05 PM
Oh for frell sakes. Federation does not need a carrier.

This thread was a pretty good thread until that ending line. you talked as if you learned from your mistakes when fighting the klingons then POW QQ FEDS NEED CARRIER NAO QQ. you really had me going. you had a well thought out story. details like crazy which is something I really like. Changing of ship types. Process of learning. then QQ. seriously. Carriers are quite possibly the easist KDF ship type to kill lately. there is no OPness. Maybe you need to work on your builds some more to be able to take down certain types of ships. Maybe you need to work on your ship a little more. Whatever it is. FEDERATION DOES NOT NEED CARRIERS. We are the federation. Not the damn borg.

I'm not going to say anymore. I hope the forum goers rip this thread apart.