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06-05-2011, 10:52 PM
Originally Posted by sarhamen View Post
carriers only have 6 weipons but have 18 fighters or 6 bops and the player bop has 4,3. the fighters are 1/30 a ship and have 1/50 the firepower. they have weipons that are weaker and can be killed with 1-2 shoots and what about all those mines,FF ships, and sic spam? do they not count as weipons? NO FED CARRIER EVER!

(Weak as they maybe, they still provide an offensive ability, which should not exist if the mother ship gets blown up. They should fade off. The ability to respawn them as fast as they do, I think should warrant a longer cool down. They still provide a greater number of ships to fire against and give the advantage of having to cycle through by rapid tapping of targets. Its clutter to the Advantage of the KDF. If your not going to kill them off when the mother ship gets blown up, then lower the number to three.)

(Good feedback. thank you)