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06-05-2011, 09:59 PM
Originally Posted by Iamid
If you want help you'll need to provide more information such as the specific items, Boff skills, and most imporatantly tactics you used.

Your understanding of gear seems to be lacking.

Absolutely. I always felt that the purps provided the best possible outfitting. When game was launched in open beta then in early launch, grabbing up purps was an indication of the best. They are listed as Very Rare so that should warrant them the better end of loot. If thats not the case, I got rid of some damn nice gear.

Thanks for the back brief.

For example, "Purple" != best. Sets and/or combo of set items are better than most purples for most things. A green turret w/+accuracy for most cases is better than the same rank turret which is purple, but with only damage boost bonuses.

Further, turrets fire faster than beams (this isn't a KDF thing).

Yeah I understood that..

Also CRF increases attack rate of cannons.

Your Boff skill choices need to have purposes either as one off cournters or as a combo.

For example TBR is a nice skill vs cannons as it will keep them out of their optimal range while keeping them w/in your beam firing arcs.

Another option would be to use for Sci ships would be CPB, tach beam, target subsystem shields or BO, and follow with HYT or Tric.

Tac Team w/shield boosting is a very nice combo for Shield tankers.

What is it you're trying to do? In your team example you have 4 cruisers and a sci boat. That's little burst DPS firepower and sans team FaW how are you going to finish anything off? Why don't you drop a couple of cruisers and add another sci and an escort for more CC and burst DPS? Is your team organize or PuG? Are you playing C&H, PuGs, or Open PvPvE?

I'm running in open PVP which means all manner of dregs will join.. I'll warp out if I encounter a premade team.. I just refuse to embarass myself by going against a premade team with a rift raft team.

I'm curiouse as to why SCI ships are touted as having the toughest shields yet mine don't seem to hold up.
I run with EMP to shields I, Engineer Team II, Hazard Emitters for the hull, I have a sci officer to pump up my shields.. yet they just get ripped into in a 1v1.


Less rant more details.

(Thanks again for your comments)