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06-05-2011, 10:07 PM
Good Grief...

Calm down. Ok, you calm, bro?
Good. Now, read below
I was ina Nebula class vessel. He ate me up.. Went through my shields like nothing, and I struggled to even break his.
He was hardening his shields and balancing them. Learn to stack shield and hull resists and heals. A properly played Nebula or ANY cruiser will be very tanky.

Please, before you get the urge to go into anymore tirades, read up on the powers, learn buff/debuff, etc. Practice by doing, and don't just blatantly say "oh klinks are op!" Fly with the top fed fleets, and against them IF YOU DARE... They will absolutely murder you and not blink while doing it. Ask for help, don't just call out "he's cheating!" "cryptic gave klings OPness!"

I was using all purped weapons and he was in the green. I had purp shields, engine and deflector.. nothing seemed to work..
Gear color has NOTHING to do with whether you live or die. Your power selection. timing activation, sense of awareness, and general dogfighting skills will save your bacon whereas just having purple LEET gear will leave you breathing space.

I pvp with green/blue weapons, just the Aegis set (no borg gears), and I do ok with my BoP. I myself have pasted you a number of times, the name's Rozav and I'm a sci captain. To be honest it was fun shooting you and then seeing zone chat.
If you want to harden your shields, try this:
Emergency power to shields > Rotate shield frequency (if engineer) OR Transfer Shield Strength

Quick shield balancing?
Tac Team (any grade)

You want to shoot (burst) someone out of the sky?
Get an escort
Attack Pattern Alpha > Attack Pattern Omega / Beta > Beam Overload > Cannon Rapid Fire > High Yield

Stack, stack, stack abilities.

This goes double when you have teammates. Stack extend shields + tac team + transfer shield strength on a teammate and he'll thank you.

Coordinate with another escort for alpha strike? Yes please.

Learn by doing. I will happily target your ship every chance I get to help you learn the hard way.

If you level up a KDF captain and put him in a carrier, I will happily target that with my Fed. Even though she's an engineer if she's respecced into escorts she WILL shoot you down as you are now. And if an engineer / escort can shoot you down, Kahless help you when facing very skilled tac / defiant pilots.