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06-05-2011, 11:14 PM
Originally Posted by gx4th View Post
Good Grief...

Calm down. Ok, you calm, bro?
Good. Now, read below

I wasn't nor am I now in a tirade. I went into an indepth explenation of my thoughts and opinon. Understand the difference before you come after me.

If you want to harden your shields, try this:
Emergency power to shields > Rotate shield frequency (if engineer) OR Transfer Shield Strength

Quick shield balancing?
Tac Team (any grade)

You want to shoot (burst) someone out of the sky?
Get an escort
Attack Pattern Alpha > Attack Pattern Omega / Beta > Beam Overload > Cannon Rapid Fire > High Yield

Stack, stack, stack abilities.

This goes double when you have teammates. Stack extend shields + tac team + transfer shield strength on a teammate and he'll thank you.

Coordinate with another escort for alpha strike? Yes please.

Learn by doing. I will happily target your ship every chance I get to help you learn the hard way.

If you level up a KDF captain and put him in a carrier, I will happily target that with my Fed. Even though she's an engineer if she's respecced into escorts she WILL shoot you down as you are now. And if an engineer / escort can shoot you down, Kahless help you when facing very skilled tac / defiant pilots.
Also understand I am not in a fleet that pvp's nor do I use any kind of voice chat. Which I know also helps in wining matches. I play in pvp matches to work on skill and the ship of course. Thats why I waited after my last rant to approach this community with a calm and very well I thought methodology of why I felt the way I do and present a view pt. NO matter if its shared or rebuffed I put it out there. Thanks for your input.