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06-05-2011, 11:24 PM
Originally Posted by raaven616 View Post
Also understand I am not in a fleet that pvp's nor do I use any kind of voice chat. Which I know also helps in wining matches. I play in pvp matches to work on skill and the ship of course. Thats why I waited after my last rant to approach this community with a calm and very well I thought methodology of why I felt the way I do and present a view pt. NO matter if its shared or rebuffed I put it out there. Thanks for your input.
The number of pvp matches where you make colorful remarks in zone chat are too numerous to count. I did not come after you by reading this post alone. You've been ranting about klingons for quite some time now. Did you expect a warm and friendly hello from the very klingons you've accused of cheating or being favored by the devs?

I suggest, at the very least, getting a defiant.

Stay cloaked for a good while, and just observe. See how many buffs and debuffs each player has? Look at how he stacks certain buffs. How he fights defensively/offensively. Did he win or lose? What did his opponent do?

This is not a game about gear; it is not world of gearcraft.

Concerning carriers, i would advise you to go on observing how they fight. There are plenty of bad carrier pilots out there who were once fed captains but thought the carrier was OP. So, they switched sides, and are now getting walloped by their former faction.

Likewise there are good carrier pilots who really know what their ship can and cannot do.