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06-06-2011, 12:02 AM
Originally Posted by StrykerV
Few questions -

Why are you running mk 8 weapons? are you still a captain or at Admiral? If your at RA MK 10 or 11 is good.

Your missing the engineering console that gives a 35% shield boost. I think its Field generator or so.

Since I see you using a MK 10 item, clearly your are RA or higher. Upgrade all your gear into the higher ranges if you want to be more effective. Drop all of those Armor consoles as well. Currently you have nothing to support shields or any power boost.

DMGx2 does nothing. Get something with accuracy or Crit Damage. You'll need to do more testing once you refit your ship. You can't compare a ship using MK 11 gear aganist you when your mainly running MK 8 gear. There is going to be a difference no matter how you look at it.

Then it comes to timing/skill. You may have all of these cool abilites, but are you using them when you should or when you can? SNB is great, but save it for when he turns on his buffs and then clear them with SNB.

Abilities.. yeah I'm pretty up on that.. as to the gear.. well I run with what I have and afforded.. Since the VIII gear is just a step down from X, the amount of dps is the difference of what ten pts.?? Purchasing the gear also..well funds just don't grow on trees..LOL having said that.. I'm looking at some things on the exchange now..