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Solitude is found in the Past Writings of the Soul Transmigration Senshi..

After Life Cafe
when you're new dead you come here to stay at the after life cafe...
So Young Soul what you in for?
Beep [checking comm the Grey Dressed lady turned to drop a tip on the bar].. Sorry I'll get back to you later sweet cakes.. [poof]
whats with her?
Grim Reaping?
Tisket tasket a toll with a bridge.. sorry my call..Cheers..
Great there goes me lunch time profit..crikey..
Dark wood carved office elder male at desk looking at Butterflies pinned to an under glass cork board.Ring- Hello inner earth living service..
Yes yes.. Trouble Midlands. right I'll contact the approp parties.. oh no I'm too old for field work.. es thanks good day to you sir and thanks.
Standing to dust his red vest the man pulled a book from the study self and smiled. yes. they should do quite nicely. yes..Pulling cane from Ivory trimmed canister grabbing hat from boar's tusk rack .. Ah what do they call that place now..pulling old map and one from 1730 ..hum..I'll need a new map on this..
Leaving the Hall to the front..snapping fingers. Yes.. Lets go for a walk My trusty hound. down the lane.. My oh word that tree has grown ..Good on you my oak..
painting trunk. my what odd dress women showing ankles in public..spinning cane nodding hat.. [sure beats passing notes and ordering food in]
Should go out more often.. yes young man i see you and no i keep the watch..
of course you do..not worth much is it?
not to you..
nice dog..
yes..well good day then..
creepy was not by him i just..creepy..burr
man looks up to awning signs and vehicle traffic.. checking watch..hum .Trusty find Map store..
Good Day the lady said as he entered the store..
Good Day young lady..a new ,map please.
of what sir?
Oh.. Yes Manners Sir Bertran of Easthall.
Teh old place out of towne?
Old? ITs my new house less drafty then a keep.
[nice watch shiny]
A map.
Of what sir?
Well Britannia Germania..North of Hadrian's Wall.. to Daneland and down to the Scaresan holdings near tunis..
Oh a map of Europe..14 pound 6 pence..Smiling back . looking down to see dog along her leg.
He doesn't bite I hope.
only witches..Miss.
Right bagging map..Holding up thick Victorian Sovereign. Sir, this is too much i cant open the safe.
Pulling vest pouch out.. Well hum.. spilling on the counter..I trust you know what a proper payment is then? Trusty here can tell.
[poor old codger..] Hum these are old coins..why spend collectors for a map.. Queen Victoria..hum.. See these are new ones trade ya?
Ah..nice doggie.. hey watch the collar studs..are you blind?
No..Miss Bridgette.Looking at name tag.. [how quaint]
what cheep skins and embossments no fringe.. ah Michelin must be a good map scribe.. Cheers...[odd tartan skirt and black boots she had hey Trusty]
Good bye..arf.
I should have never agreed to lights and that blasted phone. No trusty you may not chase pixie ..were on a job.
refolding map..and walking into to motor stop..A Good Proprietor A local chart..
chart Sir?
A Map of streets for this place..
Wat you a Reds Booter in Geordie land?
English has changed..Lets fix this communications difficulty.Tapping cane on ground.. Ah an Honest mind..
So this game of football is still around.. I understand.... Magpies are for druids I'm not one of those. But Newcastle-upon the-tyne.. I enjoy very much.
Druids sir? You mean Celtic Unites?
Why bother..hand to forehead. honest but dense.. Trusty heal.. I see they still use trains..Good lets get a ticket.. Strawberry Fields Station Centre Gateshead... China towne near the mall.. hum. Lunch time.. Striding down the lane.. "Hai Chi Oolong Hot... General Tso and Rice...and an ox tail for the dog.
No dog..real pork..
No feed my dog or he starts helping himself.. Racing and posing hand Flicker from ring.
Oh of course master...
[eyeing crowd for notables] Policeman,exec,sportsman,yeoman..not any old souls trusty..bother]
Re-folding map..Sipping tea..This is quite good. but this hand over chicken..What do you feed these pour birds now now.. Alchemy..fills the belly..but bland.
Sir you must try to cause it..Wrong order sorry the Generals Chicken has the Carmel sauce..
Kitchen now.. Standing up.. I shall enlighten you.. Looking at rack of ingredients.. tossing in waste never not a Read the labels not fresh after..hum nice print.. Ah its the roaches..Im not the health ministry.. I read write mandarin ... You mean well but are ignorante on a couple points. Flipping hatchet to Duck.. Here just like Ming Dynasty..MArco Polo..Khan style.. see remember.. Oh i see your Hong Kong nice island.. flipping chopper over. That's how i want my meal Clear?
Yes Sir?
Bertain Sir Bertain of the Knights of St John.. and dont skimp on the spices.of Antioch..
What? [confused chefs assistant]
This tin here..tapping cane on rack Grind it by hand in a mortar w pestle not that whirly contraption.of a coffee mill..or what ever..
Sir this is most unusual you are a customer they do not come in kitchen..
Lower then? Bend to my will and I will invest here in your place and protect your undocumented staff.. I believe that's the term for it?
Your Chinese is very aristocratic..Are you and old colonial Government?
No..An traveler.. that expect excellence.. and rewards it.. Holding up coin.
Chefs table for the Gentleman..hurry..
yes sir..right this way. and a bone for dog not wok..
Best not he doesn't like hot baths. chuckle. tapping cane.
-----------------------------------Midlands Birmingham--------------------------------------------------------------
Poof.. ah with map can teleport...need to know the locations proper current name... Trusty skeek..
Walking with take out bag and cane...down to a pub..I smell blood pudding and ale..hum
Finding trusty pointing at two men in a booth..
Bertain this is a odd place to find you one said.. long time.. don't turn your back to those lads.
What them a thieves guild?
No they like to watch mens bottoms..noting pastel polo shirted lad winking.
They smell like women so clean...neat.harmless..naval tattooings.. rings oh its a pirate pub?
No sir Bertain..whispering in ear..
Trusty guard mode..
You ask us to meet at a certain grid on olde map...and this was build on olde shrine..

I was told by a current government type that a friend had troubles brewing in keeping a life intact.. He began.
well we have attachments torrent people...explain.
Military training area.. some vortex of energies..I dont like it.. go straight to overlay here.. i had need of a new map for it.. check it out and report to me but not this place..another..pulling out take out.. The foods pass me the MEad.
First to drink then to war! Ayee..

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