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06-06-2011, 10:26 AM
Originally Posted by Captain Data
Now I see why LF "allied" with your fleet. More or less the same principles. Now if we can get the rest of LF off of BSG things might be fun again.
Small Update: we just created a sub-fleet dedicated only to space ROTFStomp PvP

Name is still being debated ("FSI All Stars", "FSI LoL Stars",..... ). This new fleet is dedicated to "fairplay" pvp, meaning: NO FaW (until fixed), NO LoL'Pengs, NO mine spam, NO chained SS and limited cross-healing (only 1 healer per team).

FSI (Flotta Stellare Italiana) is now mainly PvE/STFs and casual arena pug pvp (emblems/dailies).