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06-06-2011, 04:57 PM
Originally Posted by AKfourtyseven
I was going to run with my fleet mates but I heard you can only run 1 carrier which is fine but if we do that we can't run any cruiser. So kdf is limited to one sci ship maybe I'll join next time when at least the dum rules are changed.
you have a legal teamed entered, i dont understand what the problem is, you can still run a cruiser and 2 science ships, or a cruser and 2 bops. or a cruiser and 2 kar'fi's so the kdf is in no way only limited to one science ship.

if you notoce the restriction on the vou'qu it also applies to the nebula and vulcan ships for the federation side. s

and i'm sorry to hear you say that our attempt at a balance fleet choices for both sides are "dum" we worked with what we had and for the next time around i will be working with some klingon players to find a way to appease everyone even more.