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06-06-2011, 06:25 PM
Originally Posted by Jermbot View Post
That would technically be the Klingons receiving 3/8ths of the attention. But lets add the Peregrine to the Fed count so Klingons can say they have 3/9ths or 1/3rd of the shuttle options.

1 Belt
+2 Jackets
3 total reward costumes pieces.

1 Cape
1 Shoulder
2 total reward costume pieces.

Now, I'm not saying there aren't numbers to look at to show the content disparity, there are, but maybe you should try to understand that there are more factors at play than whether the Klingons get to engineer an 'excomp' that effect population size.

But this thread is about whether the benefit in bug correction and balancing we'd see from our 'unique faction abilities' being shared with the Federation would outweigh any actual drawbacks.

Thanks for your insight, but if you had read you'd have seen your point was made already by another poster.
there a total of 10 aux craft 3/10 belong to Klingons while 7/10 belong to the federation. All but one has been release this year. Way after the horrible short changed Klingon where launched. That means 6 where add to the Klingons 3.

And the shoulder we got was the an vet reward we got earlier. So it was not new. All they did was add some fur to it. I hardly count that as new.

Maybe you should understand the FEDERATION THOSE NOT ANYMORE STUFF. THEY HAVE ENOUGH. IT time the developers but some focus into the Klingons. THEY have pretty much ignore them to date.

The only discussion worth having is. Those it make sense to keep a monster play faction in game that you only get when you make a lt6 character on the only faction in the game.

This has been the case for over 500 days. It simple the federation show get nothing that unique for the klingons till the Klingons a full faction with options in ship, outfit and have enough mission so that you do not have to repeat mission over and over to level.

Then and only then should there be any discussion of federation getting unique Klingon items.

Other wise just shut down the miserableness excuse of faction called Klingons.