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06-06-2011, 07:35 PM
Originally Posted by WishStone View Post
We can also not give specific "Go Ahead's" in these matters.
We do however ask you to respect the intellectual property of others and we're very much repeating ourselves in this.
No we're not repeating ourselves. A ship is not a character. This question has not been answered before.

Someone earlier in this thread asked a very valid question: "Why can we have Deep Space 9 in our Foundry missions, but not the IKS Klothos?"

Please do not make the ruling on this yourself WishStone. Please talk with someone higher up about this. Because if we can't use the IKS Klothos then we also can't use DS9 or even Vulcan.

How can we tell Star Trek stories if we can't mention anything in the Star Trek universe that's copyrighted?