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06-06-2011, 07:21 PM

im no expert but youre having problems with pve something is wrong. here, post you current setup in this thread or in pm and ill give you some basic tips :p
something wrong? there's nothing wrong with playing the way you want to

but still, i'll see what you have say:

I fly an Excelsior, going with 4 Phaser Beam Arrays (two fore and aft), and 4 Quantum Torpedoes (two fore and aft, i love torpedoes )

Tactical Officer:
High Yield Torpedo
Beam Target Subsystem: Shields
Attack Pattern Beta

Science Officer:
Science Team
Polarize Hull

Ensign Engineer:
Emergency Power to Weapons

Lieutanant Engineer:
Emergency Power to Shields
Engineering Team

Commander Engineer:
Engineering Team (yes, i have two)
Auxilary Power to Inertial Dampeners
Reverse Shield Polarity
Eject Warp Plasma

Other powers I use often:
Rotate Shield Frequency
Brace for Impact
EPS Power Transfer

Average Power Levels: (this is with equipment, skills, and the cruiser power bonus)
74 Weapons
74 Shields
69 Engines
69 Auxilary