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Originally Posted by Peregrine_Falcon View Post

Rescue the S.S. Escargot
by J-Lau

"Pirates and raiders have been spotted in the Vulcan Sector, many of them taking advantage of reduced Starfleet Presence as it diverts more resources towards the Klingon war."

Final Rating: 2 Stars

You warp into the Kei system and suddenly become aware that you have to defeat raiders (0/2).

Then you beam over to the Escargot to defeat cult members (0/5). Afterward, you rescue some hostages. They relay an unbelievable explanation about the cult, and tell you that the captain is on the bridge.

You clear the bridge of cult members and then speak with Captain Grenoullie. He repeats the same weird story that you can no longer verify since all of the cult members are now dead.

Problems with the mission: A number of capitalization and grammatical errors.

Defeat the cult members? How do I know that cult members are aboard the ship? Shouldn't that have been explained in the... you know... story?

The console that allowed me to go to the bridge was badly placed, it blocked access to another console entirely.

Final Thoughts: The dialog, what there was of it, was quite good. Including the ESD announcement spiel in the Escargot Officer's speech was a neat little easter egg.

Had the cult members' claims been explained, one way or the other, this would be a 3 Star mission - the equivalent of an exploration mission. More than that would require adding a lot more depth to the story, which would also address most of the problems with the mission.
Peregrine- Thanks for reviewing, I've made some adjustments so hopefully it's at least alittle better.