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06-07-2011, 01:15 AM
The fact is the EULA is a joke to begin with. Read what it actually says. You can't use the first or last names of any actors, directors or producers of Star Trek. Any mission with the name Jonathan, Patrick, William, Rick, Brannon, etc. is in violation. Actually, considering the number of people involved in Star Trek over the years, almost every single mission that's been made is in violation unless they used purely nonsense names because someone with just about every common name has worked on ST in some capacity by this point.

Cryptic needs to get a lawyer to address these issues, or sit down with CBS/Paramount and clarify what is actually allowed. Just saying "err on the side of caution" isn't cutting it. How about rewriting the Foundry terms of use so it actually makes sense and actually says what it prohibits, rather than current method of adding ad hoc amendments whenever a dev responds? The terms of use is getting stupider and more convoluted as time goes on.

Leviathan99 is right, no matter what you ask, Cryptic will say no. They'll never answer in the affirmative, and their answers are often not even supported by the EULA. By saying no they protect themselves. They only open themselves up to trouble by saying yes.

What I take away from this is people need to stop asking what's allowed. Just do your thing based on your good faith reading of the Terms of Use. Worst case scenario, your reading is wrong and your mission is taken down. But the truth is, the enforcement mechanism is such that unless something truly egregious is done, you're not going to end up on the radar screen. Few would have had a clue what the IKS Klothos was if Azurian hadn't made the mistake of asking, and I guarantee no one would have reported it. The mission could have been up for years no problem, but he made the mistake of drawing attention to the issue.