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06-07-2011, 01:34 AM
Yes, please stop asking. Just make your own call. The responses we get are often not even backed up by what is stated in the Terms of Use. Read the terms of use yourself, and come to your own good faith conclusions. Then just do your thing and don't worry about it unless it becomes a problem. If your mission is flagged or something, you can change it accordingly. Asking questions has just resulted in a jumbled mess that goes well beyond what the Terms of Use states.

We've pretty much reached the point now where the whole list of allowed properties has been rendered moot because we're not allowed to use anything from it.

Frankly at this point, I am losing interest in bothering to make anything for the Foundry at all. That's even though I'm not using any of the ships in my mission, or any of the characters. When it gets to the point where you're just worrying whether anything is even allowed, it defeats the whole purpose.

My suggestion to Cryptic: Stop responding one way or another to requests to clarify the Terms of Use. If you're not qualified to actually judge what the Terms of Use states, then simply don't go on record with a response at all. Just state that the user should read and abide by the Terms of Use and leave it at that.