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Originally Posted by Trek17
something wrong? there's nothing wrong with playing the way you want to
There is certainly nothing "morally" wrong, but there are still effective and less effective builds. Not every combination of powers actually makes sense or works effectively. There are plenty of them that work, though.

but still, i'll see what you have say:

I fly an Excelsior, going with 4 Phaser Beam Arrays (two fore and aft), and 4 Quantum Torpedoes (two fore and aft, i love torpedoes )
Due to the shared torpedo cooldowns and the individual launcher cooldown, Quantum Torpedoes work best if you have only two. Giving you are flying a Cruiser, you probably use 4 since you either have the enemy in your front or your aft arc and want to fire torpedo after torpedo in either case. But it would probably be better to rely more on broadsiding and put one quantum torpedo front and aft, turning your front or aft towards the enemy only when you're taking down his shields, and then launch a high yield torpedo at him.

Tactical Officer:
High Yield Torpedo
Beam Target Subsystem: Shields
Attack Pattern Beta
I thought you loved torpedoes? Why not two High Yield Torpedoes (more than two doesn't work due to cooldowns, but two do)? I am not convinced the BTS:S is that useful in practice. Though I get the appeal of knocking down shields or a torpedo salvo, I think destroying shields with pure beam fire and then putting torps in these shield holes is fine.

Of course, the real powergamer would use the current incarnation of Beam Fire At Will, but you don't have to go cheesy .

Science Officer:
Science Team
Polarize Hull
Consider having a second Science Officer with a different set of powers. This one is useful against Breen, as they use Subnucleonic Beam (that removes all buffs and increases all cooldowns, the latter can be removed iwth Science Team) and their Frigates use tractor beams. But against other enemies, you might find Hazard Emitters and Transfer Shield Strength more useful.

Ensign Engineer:
Emergency Power to Weapons

Lieutanant Engineer:
Emergency Power to Shields
Engineering Team

Commander Engineer:
Engineering Team (yes, i have two)
Auxilary Power to Inertial Dampeners
Reverse Shield Polarity
Eject Warp Plasma
Nothing wrong with 2 Engineering Teams. You can always use two, and most players (particularly in PvP) sometimes need a third Team power (but not Engineering Team, that is of no use - Science Team or Tactical Team) for utility purposes, like using Science Team to clear science debuffs or tactical team for better shield balancing.

I would probably not use RSP at all in PvE. You're better off with a 2nd Emergency Power to Shields.
You can run actually run up to 4 Emergency Powers in this game, provided you use no more than two for each type. For example, you could run two Emergency Power to Weapons and two Emergency Power to Shields. Use your first EPtW, wait 15 seconds, use your first EPtS, wait 15 seconds, as your first EPtW runs out use the second, wait 15 seconds, as your first EPtS runs out, use the second, and 15 seconds later the cycle can start anew with EptW. For the entire time, you will have the power bonuses to shield and weapons, and for EptS you will also get a hefty resistance bonus (in addition to the bonus from higher shield power) for the entire team. You won't really need RSP, as your shields barely drop and recover quickly.

Other powers I use often:
Rotate Shield Frequency
Brace for Impact
EPS Power Transfer
Nadion Inversion also increases the damage output of your beams, as that energy drain is also reduced - once you're at 125 base weapon power, it will do more than any other energy buff you can get. Use it more often!

Average Power Levels: (this is with equipment, skills, and the cruiser power bonus)
74 Weapons
74 Shields
69 Engines
69 Auxilary
This might be interesting for illustrative purposes, but ultimately - never use the average power setting. In fact, overwrite it with a setting that puts all energy to Auxillary Power. You should probably always run with 100 weapon power. Unless you really adopt the aforementioned 2 EPTW, then you mihgt want to reduce it slightly so you don't go very 125. (There are no longer any soft or hard cap differences for weapon power.)