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06-07-2011, 04:34 AM
I think the word homogenization is being bandied about a bit too much here. I'm not particularly certain why some people feel that the Klingon Carrier should be the only carrier in existence. By the way I love playing the Carrier so much I have a few characters that use them as their primary focus. That being said, I don't think differentiation comes in having some strange unique class of vessel no one else has. For starters, Romulans are going to have Birds of prey... that do the same thing. They're going to have Escorts. They're going to have Cruisers.

Should there be uniquenesses? Sure. However, I don't see why the Federation might not have a vessel with some Carrier-like qualities, and I think the Scorpions fill in that role a slight bit. In the end, The Federation apparently has cloak now, so seeing a few vessels with Cloak on the fed side is not only appropriate but i think the original author of this thread was making the point that those minor couple of ships benefit our klingon experience because it increases their importance on the 'to fix' list.

I'd also like to add that the content being made in the Foundry is pretty cool, some of it. I think if the Devs could actually convert some really cool missions from the Foundry into standard missions that would be an awesome way to crank up the content. Maybe give the creators of those missions a special reward for having created such an excellent mission.

I know what it was like to level a klingon with pvp, and I don't do it any more because frankly its too inefficient. You're better off mixing it up a bit. The notion that any group is better in pvp is also bad for pvp in general. If one group is all that much better, a larger group of players aren't going to want to play. No one wants to be someone's punching dummy, especially if that other player has inferior skills.
My biggest agitation as a Klingon player was when they had Fed vs. Fed and KvK. Not that I dislike either, in fact I like and I'm glad they exist. The problem was, no one wanted to play FvK for a while there because of excessive advantage. So to the notion that one faction is all that much better in pvp, I say: Terrible Idea. It essentially wrecked my gameplay as a Klingon, and I ended up playing my Feds way more at that point for a while. I'm not alone. If you were willing to wait an hour for a queue to go live, good on you, but for me that was the last straw. I'm the kind of player that likes to dive in and start shooting.