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To preface. I like the race/outfit set up in the game. I like that my Nausicaan Captain can wear a uniquely Nausicaan 'uniform' which sets him far apart from every other KDF player and the KDF NPC's in game. I like it because it makes the KDF look more like a loose collection of various ship commanders and factions and less like a cohesive military force. I think this does alot for the feel of our faction and I wouldn't change it.

But here's the rub. To keep that feel they'll have to invest quite a bit more time in adding a Klingon race into the game. For the Federation it's easy, give them a head, skin color options, a few cosmetic frills and then whatever powers they have. The player can drop whatever Starfleet uniform they happen to like on their new Pakled engineer and they're making things go. For us it just doesn't feel right if you can't have a member of the Gorn Royal Guard wearing a Gorn uniform, I don't think anyone can imagine a craven Nausicaan pirate putting the effort into maintaining a Klingon uniform and Orion women, well, we all enjoy their unique uniform options. In a departure from my usual pro-homogenization stance I actually prefer it this way. It's cosmetic but it adds flavor to the game and depth to our faction. Until they have them, I will greet news of new Gorn and Lethean uniform options warmly, I'd even be happy to see some race unique Klingon outfits, something less in the uniform vein and more like what they wear when killing people for sport. I'd want to see these things before I really want to see new races added to the KDF.

But lets assume I'm in the minority about that and the KDF would be more enjoyable for everyone if it had more races now, before they fleshed out the races they already have. Is there a way to create unique appearances in a more modular way? A sort of generic outfit template with the versatility to look good on a Ferengi mercenary, a Bolion expatriate or even a Talarian Centurion? Would effort spent on that be preferable to a truly distinctive look for a Gorn captain or Lethean commander?