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06-07-2011, 06:46 AM
Sorry but federation got 16 total new outfits compare to One the klingon got. That 1/18 total new stuff. or if you want to count the tribble fur 2/17 the total new stuff.

Federation got 2 jackets and one belt as reward Plus 5 Pants and 5 jackets and a belt. That total 13 so far If they are 500 day vet and get the C-store they got another 5 jackets. Bring the total to 18.
So you don't think we should count a cosmetic make-over and upgrade, the fur shoulders, but should count every piece of C-Store gear that's been added? I'd ask for your reasoning but I suspect it's simply "cause then I get to be right!"

Except you're not right, you're complaining about cosmetic frippery because you don't have the numbers to make an argument about something substantive. And again, I'm not saying the numbers aren't there, I'm just saying that YOU have not put forth the effort to find them. It's laziness is what it is.

Last I check 1/18 is way less then 1/8. My one 1/8 was in reference to total klingon content. Uniforms, missions, ships the works. Is 100% accurate No I have not sat down and count it all. Not planing on it.
Yes, it's not 100% accurate, it's not even close. Sit down, count it all, and then come back and tell me that the ENTIRE reason the KDF has 1/8th of the total game population is because Cryptic only put in 1/8th of the work.

Having a faction that is pretty much unlockable monster play with little content when we promised 2 full PVE faction by the developer when the game was first announce. Is also not good for the game. That been the case for over 500 days.
It's a good thing that we're not 'monster play' then. Tell me, what exactly do you think 'monster play' means? Please, describe LOTR Online to me so I can point out to you where the differences exist between STO and LOTRO. Or don't, I could care less because this entire conversation with you is so off the topic and past the point that it's honestly a waste of time.

So i guess you ok with keep the klingons as a second rate monster play faction.
Yes, I've made numerous posts on this board discussing reasonable measures that could be taken to improve the KDF because I want us to be downgraded to "second rate monster play." What suggestions have you forwarded to improve the Klingon play experience?

I am just saying it been 500 days since launch. This has yet to happen. It time some major focus is made on making something that was stated 3 years ago happen. Or remove the faction.
No, you're saying that you don't know what Monster Play is, that you feel comfortable identifying current Klingon work as being 1/8th of the effort without even bothering to review the truly interesting post currently on this board outlining the ACTUAL disparity and that you'd rather see the faction removed than made better gradually. I'm just glad most people show more sense.