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06-07-2011, 07:18 AM
You can copyright the Enterprise as a "starship", copyright court hearings go by a "points of similarity" to Intellectual properties, an example would be the Disney version of Robin Hood as a cartoon fox character with the name costume etc, that specific version of Robin can be copy-written as Disney I.P. and in this case, a starship named Enterprise can be property of CBS.

I personally don't think the EULA on what we can and cannot use is as complicated as people are making it seem, you can "mention" or "talk about" anything in dialogue you just have to avoid making the characters from the show appear in the mission.

That being said, you can parody or "pay homage" to characters from the show or other shows, if it is done in a subtle way that does not violate copyright.

Example if you make a character named Commander Kent from a planet with " a red sun, that was destroyed years ago" you can pay homage or parody The man of steel without being so similar it crosses the line. Wow an d Sto do this in missions, There is one mission cryptic made name eludes me, that pays homage to Dr who and mentions "Time and Relative Dimensions in space" (tardis). Wow made lots of star wars in jokes when they did burning crusade and brought in Draeni, they made parody remarks with characters with names that may be similar to a star wars character but the character looked so different the likeness did not match the name enough to even worry about it.

I'm not encouraging people to do that per se, just giving examples of fairly safe activities.