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06-07-2011, 07:43 AM
They have hearings on these issues for a reason. A person i was acquainted with years ago created a 3-d adult like web comic using a Wonder Woman like main character. He had it going for about a year before he received an email from DC comics asking him to alter the character and they gave specific examples of how much to tone her down to be acceptable to them as not violating the integrity and IP of Wonder woman-

1. No lasso if she is an amazon
2. No bullet reflective bracelets
3. No name that starts with " Wonder"
4. No invisible plane

The character was altered with a mask, still an amazon, no lasso or bracelets and renamed something like Glory woman or something. DC was ok with it after that.

If you make a mission and are on the fence whether you crossed a line, just publish it and if someone catches it they will tell you to change it. The only way to weed out some of these gray areas is to just do it and see what happens. But leave room for the possibility you may have to change it enough where it won't destroy the "spirit" of what you made.

Another thing that solves these issues is create your own "legends" in your own personal canon, create a history consistent with npc's and their deeds over a course of time your missions will create their own backstory of unique characters within the Trek lore, make a Klingon captain as legendary as Koloth and make his ship name, have the ship be mentioned even after the character is first introduced and eventually the satisfaction of planting your own seeds into the lore will bear fruit.

And no EULA concerns to boot