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Originally Posted by Peregrine_Falcon View Post
Please do not make the ruling on this yourself WishStone. Please talk with someone higher up about this. Because if we can't use the IKS Klothos then we also can't use DS9 or even Vulcan.
This does not come from me, PF. This comes from my bosses. This Posting came verbatim from Ivan, whom you guys know is my boss here at Marcom. It came from a discussion thread that involved a lot of people in different departments. I understand that no one wants to be told "No", but "No" it is here.

And anyone who does not wish to just follow the link, I will be happy to repeat it and even add highlighting.
Hello everyone!

I just wanted to stop by and give some clarification here.

We really cannot have any user mimic or duplicate the work of others.

We do truly appreciate the continued support of our Foundry authors and the enthusiasm we've been seeing from Star Trek fans, but Cryptic and its partners at CBS and Pocket Books would greatly appreciate it if each of you focused on creating your own works.

While your efforts are valued and your enthusiasm is admirable, persistent direct correspondence to our partners and their partners is both unwarranted and distracting. We must ask that you please respect the privacy and wishes of those talented individuals who bring Star Trek to life by keeping the original Foundry missions coming and by leaving them at peace to live and work as they like.

Thank you so much for understanding!
Originally Posted by Nagorak View Post
Cryptic needs to get a lawyer to address these issues, or sit down with CBS/Paramount and clarify what is actually allowed. Just saying "err on the side of caution" isn't cutting it. How about rewriting the Foundry terms of use so it actually makes sense and actually says what it prohibits, rather than current method of adding ad hoc amendments whenever a dev responds? The terms of use is getting stupider and more convoluted as time goes on.
It is a huge misconception from users that a company just 'invents' EULAs, TOS and similar - and one that just sticks around. The reason that such rules look as if they 'do not make sense' is because they get written in legal terms. You'll find a lot of and/or stuff, you'll find terms and wording not found anywhere else in regular written, flowing texts.

The whole reason that you do not see me paraphrase the TOS for you guys on the fly, is that I am not a lawyer and cannot do this for you. And our lawyers would tell me no anyhow, because it needs to stay like this. The moment anyone would 'rewrite' stuff is when it indeed starts standing on shaky ground.

It's right there for you, as rephrased as we can give it. "Make your own story in the Trek universe". I even attempted to give you an example from Trek. Canon, on the air, made by CBS Trek. Go back and watch The Naked Time and The Naked Now. Note the differences between the two and you know what you'll be able to do without problems.