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06-07-2011, 08:47 AM
Understandable that you want to add some things from Trek that are exciting to you personally, but that is the pros and cons of any creative license that is held within an already owned IP.

Look at it like this- I remember reading interviews with Bruce Timm, the genius who brought us the Dc animated universe such as Batman: the animated series, Justice League Unlimited, etc.

Bruce discussed how he would send DC a list of heroes he would like to use in the series. He did not expect to get permission for as many on his list as he actually did. He was very excited by how many he 'was" allowed to use.

Point being he went into it understanding he had to restrain or work around the full power of his mind's creative muscles, he was hired and oked to create the animated series but since this is a series held within an already established and licensed I.P., he also knew as a writer he would have to get permissions for adding characters or places etc that were not already green lighted by Warner brothers and DC already.

We are privileged to have the Foundry, but what will never change no matter how much we express disappointment, is the fact that we do NOT have carte blanche on the IP. That is just something we need to either accept as authors, or not accept and not use the Foundry.

The pros still outweigh the cons.