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06-07-2011, 09:02 AM
The EULA itself doesn't say CHARACTER appearances are out. It says ACTOR appearances are out.

I have zero interest in the Foundry at all under your interpretation of things, Podsix.

Because without the perk of playing very clearly in the Star Trek playground, I would want to get paid for the work involved in making a Foundry mission. The more original I'm expected to be, the more I feel like I'd rather collect a check for my ideas. The ONLY reason to give them away for free is because I get permission to tell Star Trek stories this way.

Take a look at the other CBS-approved UGC.

You can use the Enterprise all day long at Cafe Press. The big restriction there is on showing actors.

Look at

You get to use caricatures of the complete original series cast! There. they have UGC that's all about creating stories with existing Trek characters. I hate to say it but that's starting to look a lot more interesting than The Foundry... and it's closer to what I thought the Foundry business model would be like (down to paying for likenesses in the C-Store).

I think it's kinda silly that GoAnimate worked out a deal that lets users actually build stories with the classic Trek cast of characters and yet, here, we can't even name a ship the U.S.S. Hood or Farragut, apparently.