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06-07-2011, 09:13 AM
Originally Posted by WishStone
This does not come from me, PF. This comes from my bosses. This Posting came verbatim from Ivan, whom you guys know is my boss here at Marcom. It came from a discussion thread that involved a lot of people in different departments. I understand that no one wants to be told "No", but "No" it is here.

And anyone who does not wish to just follow the link, I will be happy to repeat it and even add highlighting.


It is a huge misconception from users that a company just 'invents' EULAs, TOS and similar - and one that just sticks around. The reason that such rules look as if they 'do not make sense' is because they get written in legal terms. You'll find a lot of and/or stuff, you'll find terms and wording not found anywhere else in regular written, flowing texts.

The whole reason that you do not see me paraphrase the TOS for you guys on the fly, is that I am not a lawyer and cannot do this for you. And our lawyers would tell me no anyhow, because it needs to stay like this. The moment anyone would 'rewrite' stuff is when it indeed starts standing on shaky ground.

It's right there for you, as rephrased as we can give it. "Make your own story in the Trek universe". I even attempted to give you an example from Trek. Canon, on the air, made by CBS Trek. Go back and watch The Naked Time and The Naked Now. Note the differences between the two and you know what you'll be able to do without problems.
If naming a Galaxy class ship the Enterprise or a Klingon ship the Klothos constitutes mimicking the work of others then using Klingons, setting a mission explicitly on DS9 or Vulcan, and using Klingons is the same thing.

The sole value of the Foundry IS that it allows us access to the work of others and I find it to be something whgich reduces the value of the Foundry to ZERO if the whole purpose of the EULA isn't to expand Foundry author rights into Star Trek as far as the tool and license allow.

If we can use a Galaxy class ship and we can talk about the Enterprise, we should be able to show it as the Enterprise-D. If we can't, then you should probably look into stripping the use of Galaxy class ships out of the Foundry, since that's mimicking.

I wish I could understand why a licensee like GoAnimate or Cafe Press has so much broader power for its users to create derivative Trek material than what Cryptic is allowing.