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06-07-2011, 09:20 AM
Originally Posted by chooch99 View Post
Understandable that you want to add some things from Trek that are exciting to you personally, but that is the pros and cons of any creative license that is held within an already owned IP.
None of CBS's other licensees that offer UGC are as strict and some are built AROUND the idea of creating new works with the characters.

Cryptic is the ONLY licensee that allows any kind of UGC and ISN'T allowing people to take an image of an Enterprise and call it the Enterprise. And pretty much the one restriction with established characters under OTHER CBS licensees is that you can't dig into actor likenesses and they supply you with pre-approved renderings of characters to use.

This is probably the most anemic example of UGC with a CBS license backing it out there and is certainly far more restrictive than what CBS imposes on its other licensees or what those licensees impose on users.