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06-07-2011, 09:57 AM
Typically something like the IKS Klothos can be mentioned just like the Enterprise. It just can't be seen because you could have something like that blown up or do something that alters the continuity.

Why ANY of these rules apply to what is essentially 3-D fan fiction is totally beyond me. None of us make money on the Foundry missions we make. No where on the Interwebs does CBS or Paramount attack someone for writing fan fiction (at least as long as they aren't making money on it)

Typically the sheer fact that we are not, in any way, profiting from this is what protects our creative license. Wishstone used the Naked Now and Naked Time as examples of how to make two related stories w/o actually showing or interfereing with things.

I'd like to submit Star Trek: New Voyages as proof of our right to utilize names, ships, etc. The only reason I can think that we aren't allowed to use names/images that aren't already in the Foundry is because CRYPTIC isn't allowed to for one reason or another. Since technically they're making money off the IP/In-Game items. That means anything created in-game would cause them problems and have to be removed because someone who isn't the face/creator of that thing isn't getting paid a portion.

Now pretending like anyone actually subscribes to STO for the sole purpose of playing Foundry missions is a joke in and of itself...