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# 1 Observations from the Deck
06-07-2011, 11:00 AM
There has been a fair amount of posts regarding the lack of Klingon content, and the inequity of game play between the two factions. IMO this has caused a rift of “them” against “us” and personally, I would like to see us all as just Star Trek enthusiasts coming together to do something that we enjoy!

So I decided to put away the griping the moaning and try and contribute something constructive towards healing the gulf that divides us.

These are some things I think could create great improvement in play on both sides.

Steve Hale bumper sticker

I know I could use one!

Expansion of NPC to include some

I would like to see an expansion of NPC to include more creature templates and have these also available to the Foundry.

These are the major factions: Akritirian, Andorian Empire, Andromedan, Bajoran, Borg Collective, Breen Confederacy, Cardassian Union, Daelen, Devorian, Dralian, Dominion, Ferengi Alliance, Gorn Hegemony, Hirogen Empire, Hydran Kingdom, Kazon Empire, Klingon Empire, Kremin, Kzinti Patriarchy, Lyran Star Empire, Malon, Maquis, Mawasi, Mazarite, Mirak Star League, Nihydron, Numiri Empire, Orion Pirates, Romulan Star Empire, Son'a Solidarity, Species 8472, Suliban, Talarian, Tholian Assembly, Undine, Vaadwaur, Vidiian, Voth, Vulcan, Xindi, Zahl, United Federation of Planets

Resource gathering

It would be nice if we could craft equipment that we could use to explore planets, and mine veins of precious materials etc. which we could use to craft better, unique items.

Together with this it would be nice to have some things to discover on maps like in containers, crates, etc

Diplomacy/ First Contact in PvE

It would be great that we could chance upon “First Contact” encounters in PvE sometimes. A loan ship we encounter. And instead of just handing out rewards we have some small secondary mission to accomplish to aid the species e.g. fight of a foe, find a crew member, repair the ship.
These species could then share some technology tree with us. Each race could have a sizable tech-tree and throughout the game this tech-tree is exposed with new abilities etc. as we come into contact with them. We could devise some sort of standing/ rating with that culture and at certain pivotal moments receive awards, accolades, ceremonies and special missions. This would result in players not all sharing the same characteristics of molds.

Inclusive Foundry

Why not incorporate approved foundry missions as “pick-up” missions on the sector planets. They could be randomly assigned so that they change. That way whenever you approach the planet the mission is somewhat different.

Fleet Foundry

If you are a member of a fleet, it would be nice to have the option to create foundry missions with the option to specify their filter to only playable by members of the fleet. It would also be cool (major work probably, but a boys gotta dream!), if the fleet members current costumes and fleet constumes would be availble in the project so members can be cast as characters!

Fleet-based episodes and STF

Would be great is there as a episode/ STF tied to each level rank within a fleet. When promoted within a fleet, to acquire the rank, you and fellow members would have to complete a mission together and earn your title!

Expansion of the Careers

Perhaps we could incorporate a new Career for each like the “mercenary marquis” for the Federations, and the “Raider” class for the Klingon, and this could be a hybrid-class between the existing classes like ENG-TAC, TAC-SCI, etc. These classes would have exposure to new hybrid-skills?

What could also make things interesting is adding more villainous Operative classes to each like the infamous Klingon Intelligence and Federation Section 31.

Or perhaps even the more noble Guard classes to each like the Klingon Yan Isleth and Federation's Starfleet Special Operations Command.

Expansion of the Ship Classes


Through-Deck Cruisers
Command Ships
Factional Ships like the Andorian etc.


Assault Ships
Factional Ships like the Gorn etc.

Flagship Contructor

Players could earn a ship construction assignment at a certain rank, perhaps when all the STF's have been completed at least once. They are commissioned to then build/ design their own ship.

The components should be very hard to research, discover, build etc. and throughout the game they can upgrade and add to the ships design throughout their career etc. Build the ship from the ground up. It could appear at the shipyard in the form of a hull with worker-bees and slowly overtime take shape!

My own little asteroid base I could call home!

Let me buy a little rock somewhere remote and grow crops!

PvP Suggestions

Random event map

Why not include a random event map, whereby certain unexpected things occur on the map e.g.:
  1. Badland-like tornadoes.
  2. Alien ship arrives and both factions need to work together to bring it down.
  3. Alien lifeforms like gas-squid that can be aggro-ed etc.
  4. Hidden pirate base that attacks both players.
  5. Unstable shifting nebula pockets.

Assault PvP

Remember the map where we had to capture facilities with marines? How about we reintroduce it, but when a facility is captured it releases fighters as support or drones.

Boarding PvP

In this map each player can remove another ship and his own from the map by engaging boarding option. The two affected players would then battle of the boarding ship between each other and BO's. The winner can choose to continue playing in the captured ship for the duration of the play. The loser will continue to play in his normal ship but with damage to ship allocation, and reduced crew.

Some Issues with STO

I only play KDF so I can only comment on this:
  1. The scanning of anomalies in sectors is abused by a small group of players that are “miners”. I would prefer they get removed that the same toons/ fleet always sitting there allowing no-one else the benefit.
  2. Ground Scanning is still broken. After you have scanned the first anomaly ant new scan can’t pick-up anything new.