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06-07-2011, 11:50 AM
Originally Posted by Beagles View Post
But yea, it would make for interesting combinations.
Ohhh just give us one real sci ship. lol

I would have to think this would even make pugging more fun, I know many klinks seem to be running Dumb no dmg cruisers as well these days. However ending up with a couple more dmg ships on a team will only help with some of the silly hour long pug fed v fed matches I have heard about.

They could do a lot of interesting things with very little effort put into it. The ships already have fairly good balance so there would be no massive move to the bop or the raptor or any other one ship.

Honestly I think if Cryptic wanted to commit to something like this... one month tops... And they could be selling Federation Klink Pirate Skins...

They could even VERY quickly Whip out New not New Refits. (intrepid Klink class could loose the abladive Gen for sometype of offensive toy.)

How about a Delta Flyer with a borowed Battle Cloak... why not.

So many quick and dirty C Store Sales. lol

If they gave feds an option to get to Qo'nos... if they where max Diplomats, heck perhaps we get that Qo'nos Makeover.