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Originally Posted by MajorFury View Post
I think you bring up a valid point but I have to admit I don't like it. What I really think they should do is simply get rid of FvF or at least eliminate any rewards earned through FvF. If people get stuck waiting in ques that are too long then perhaps some of those long time KDF who are playing feds now might actually return to help balance the numbers. Another idea that is incorporated in many MMO's that have different factions is to increase XP bonuses to the side that is short on population. There are plenty of things they can do to fix the game population balance except it would take the management to be somewhat competent.....I know that might be asking for too much. Perfect World really just needs to fire a few of the bozos.
I can't really argue. I admit to playing fed more then I want to... I don't want to sit somewhere waiting for pops.
I also love my klinks... I just think if Cryptic is going to let us languish and die a slow death, they can stick it.
At least if they bring us together and let us team, we can fly the faction and the ships we love. It could breath some new life into PvP in general which seems to be dying. I agree with you on the rewards.... in fact another quick and simple idea... WHY not have EVERY WEEKEND be a Double Klink Reward weekend. Get some more blood playing klink.

Perhaps we should just wait and see what Perfect World does... Really though been so much waiting as it is. Just trying to think of ways things get fixed FAST.