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06-07-2011, 01:53 PM
As an engineer (and borg), the first place contender is impossible at Lt General, even with the Sword of Kahless. It IS true, he punches right through any shield you have, while it seems that you need to knock his shield down (I noticed that in the 2nd place battle as well). Using the (useless) Borg Neural Blast, doesn't seem to slow him down, and you are not allowed to heal in any manner. I even went so far as to put a shield generator down behind a cover shield before starting the fight, and he went right to it and 2 hit it to oblivion, then proceeded to tire himself out whooping my butt.

I've tried getting behind him, I've tried other weapons (mk XI Bat'leth, Lirpa and Falchion), nothing seems to help with this clown. Whoever said he doesn't heal is quite mistaken... while his shield doen't go back up, his health certainly does.