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06-07-2011, 02:46 PM
Originally Posted by MajorFury View Post
The real problem is low population on the KDF side simple as that. Instead of breaking out the love beads why not maybe do a few things to encourage people to play on their KDF? In fact if even a few of you who started KDF and then went Fed would come back we probably would be in much better shape. It's amazing how often I'm waiting in the que because we are 1-2 KDF short of launching an arena. Again, I listed easy fixes to help encourage KDF play but Craptic sucks.

Or locking matches that start 4 v 4 unless someone drops. nothing more annoying then having a good 4 v 4 going then the 5th for each team shows up. One spawns in at an empty spawn the spawns into the enemy spawn. The daily grind for emblems is mind numbing I mean I have 20-30 PvE missions on all of my toons I need to do but I really have no interest in doing those bug, zergfest, special olympic AI missions and watch as my powers act up or I get hit with the stuck in firing animation bug.