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06-07-2011, 04:44 PM
There is no Defense (or, for that matter, Accuracy) cap, for your TOTAL Defense score... The only statistic that has a 'cap' is the Defense bonus that you derive from your ship's speed (i.e. the Impulse value, which displays when you hover your cursor over your speed slider, or that you can see on your ship's avatar).

Your ship derives a 'Bonus Defense' from the speed that your ship is traveling, and the bonus gets progressively higher, the faster that you go... However, the maximum Defense bonus from speed is reached once your ship is traveling at 24.00 speed... No matter how much faster than that you travel (not counting speed boosts from things like APO or Evasive Maneuvers, that do include Defense bonuses), you will never get any extra Defense... So, a ship that is traveling at 35.00 speed will have exactly the same Bonus Defense (from speed) that a ship traveling at 24.00 will have... So, in terms that strictly relate to Defense, you never need to go faster than 24.00 (now, there are a number of reasons why it might be better to go faster, at some times, but that's a different discussion).

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