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06-08-2011, 02:36 AM
Giving the KDF it's PvP levelling path back could certainly help. Currently, PvP at low tiers is barely existent.

If Cryptic wants to see more KDF players, but they can't produce fully fledged new content for it, they will have to do with other incentives that are cheaper to implement.

1) Double all Skill Point, Badge and Merit Rewards for FvK up to Vice Admiral
2) Add an Hourly 1 Emblem Mission (similar to the Exploration hourly) that you can get for winning one FvK match.

This encourages people to PvP, speeds up the levelling for KDF players. It doesn't help those that hate PvP with the fire of 10,000 suns, but it can still motivate some.

In addition, there could be account-related accolades for levelling Fed and KDF toons to Lt.Cmdr, Cmdr, Cpt, RA/BG, UA/MG, VA/LG. These could start being just a few accolade points and a few skill points, but it could later also turn into a new Bage or uniform piece (once the artwork team has time to build it.)

Here's the extreme to what one could go:
Looted Warships: If you level a KDF toon to a new level, and won the FvK daily as Fed 3 times, you qualify for a "looted warship". You get one KDF vessel added to your repertoire. Additional ones can be acquired in the C-Store once you qualified for it (yay for making money out of the KDF).

Of course, that means soon you'll see a bunch of Federation Captains in BoPs and Carriers and everyone will hate that and find it ridicilious. Too bad, it could have been fun (even if of the stupid kind).