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# 1 There MUST be a T5 Akira!
06-08-2011, 04:34 AM
The latest Ask Cryptic.
Q: Rexy The Akira class ship was designed as part of Star Fleets response to the Borg threat, and is a newer ship design then the Defiant, Galaxy, Nebula, and Excelsior classes, which are T5 ships. So, when are we getting a t5 Akira?

A: We are scheduled to release an enhanced version of the Akira to be released sometime during Season 4, but we are still on the fence about whether or not we will release a Vice Admiral variant of the ship.
I cannot emphasise how much there must be a T5 Akira, Its horribly misplaced as is as a T3.
The Akira is both newer and more powerful than the T4 & T5 retrofit that is the Defiant.
And it is definitely vastly more powerful than a puny Excelsior Class starship.

But most of all, the Akira is Cryptic's flagship.
It proudly adorns the cover of the the Gold Edition of STO.