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06-08-2011, 04:41 AM
Might want to check out the ask cryptic for june:

Q: Peregrine_Falcon Will the KDF get "anything" (paraphrasing) in 2011.

A: The KDF are getting a remade starting Hub, a new KDF only Daily Ground and Space Fleet Action, Remade Gorn, exclusive KDF level 51 gear set (space and ground), their own form of assignments, their own unique duty officers, several new ships, and a releveled mission experience. Anything else is possible, but those are the tasks at the top of my priority list for KDF right now. The KDF slowly improves, but not as fast as the feds. The future could change this.


Q: ZeroIce Will there be a contest to design a new KDF ship like the one for the Feds? I've still got free ship tokens from when I made BG and LG last year and asolutely nothing I have any interest in spending them on at this time. It'd be nice to have some choices.

A: While we are not going to be running another contest for a Fan submitted Klingon vessel, we are going to be adding more ships to the KDF lineup during Season 4.

I tried rolling a klink toon to cmdr but hated it so I deleted and never looked back. They should approve foundry grind missions for KDF.