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06-08-2011, 05:05 AM
the ask cryptic just said they were going to do it...

my guess is that it will have an engineering Ltcom station, but that kind of breaks the trend set by the excelsior and nebula added at tier 3 and tier 5, this is just the existing tier 3 getting a tier 5 refit. no gimics please, i want all 9 consoles.

before they do add it the NEED to fix the top fore phaser array hardpoints, they are still on a tiny little strip, and not on the large array that was added when the model got touched up months ago. you know its going to be popular to run this with beam arrays and FAW, might as well get the hardpoints right.

this is also thier chance to add the real steamrunner, norway, and something else to tier 3 and move the akira and the 2 cryptic designs to tier 5 permanently.