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06-08-2011, 09:44 AM
Originally Posted by Ashvitto
I think we have to start learn (i need, definitely) some ground pvp.
I think the ground combat changes miss the most important problem with ground PvP -- if you spec to be competitive for ground you can't compete in space and visa versa.

Different ship and captain types have slightly different skill requirements, but it's rough for most ship and captain types.

Captains of science vessels can't max their space skills anyway, so diverting skill points to the ground is worst for them.

Captains of healing cruisers have it next worse, since they also can't max every skill they use, and tend to need a lot of points invested in high-end skills to heal competitively. They are a little better off than science vessel captains, but they are still likely to have less than 1000 skill points in ground, if they can spare any at all.

Captains of ships that only use a single weapon type (all cannons for example) and don't rely heavily on science or engineering skills are the only ones that can have a balanced ground build. Not "maxxed" but "balanced".

The interview suggested that splitting ground and space skills might be on the table later, but not as part of season 4. Since the one limitation to ground PvP that players can't work around is remaining unchanged, I really wouldn't expect ground PvP to take off.