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06-08-2011, 10:20 AM
Originally Posted by Captain Data
Lets be clear here the ground combat change was not for PvP, it is a by-product. The change was for the FPS migrants that only care about immersion. If you like ground combat go play COD or things like it otherwise STO is first about space combat and less about ground.
The series and movies are a lot more about ground than space.

Ground PvP doesn't have to be like a FPS to be fun. Most MMOs only have ground PvP, but can still be successful and enjoyable as PvP games, so it seems silly to say "go play COD". Just because the MMO-style ground combat in STO is bad, doesn't mean that MMO-style ground combat in general is bad, or that there aren't a lot of people who prefer it over FPS.

I agree that the change wasn't for PvP, but nothing about STO is about PvP. PvP was just a box to check to make STO compare well with other MMOs, kind of like having two playable factions. It's pretty obvious that PvP is not even taken into consideration when designing any part of the game. No one at Cryptic looks at something like tractor mines, scorpion fighters, or hargh'pengs and even asks "how might this effect PvP?" If they did then those things wouldn't make it to holodeck. Building a good PvP game is just a side effect.