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06-08-2011, 02:28 PM
Originally Posted by Captain Data
THe change to ground combat isn't going to bring people back permanently mayb a month or 2 if they like ground combat. Yeah ground PvP will tick up for a couple of weeks but with Space and Ground skills in the same tree only the weak space pvpers may give ground pvp a go in hopes of being "good" at some form of pvp.
I can't really disagree with this. I have certain toons I'll probably use more for ground, but those toons tend to be weak in space since I have points in ground skills and picked traits at a time when I expected traits to be balanced a bit.

I wonder if Cryptic is making "never auto-target objects" never auto-target objects anytime soon? Ground suffered from spam before space did. There should be a simple way to avoid targetting all the drones, turrets, mines, and security teams, but Cryptic doesn't seem interested. That should be low-hanging fruit as PvP fixes go, and it would have helped with space spam too (without having needed to over-buff FAW).