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06-08-2011, 02:29 PM
Originally Posted by Captain Data
THe change to ground combat isn't going to bring people back permanently mayb a month or 2 if they like ground combat. Yeah ground PvP will tick up for a couple of weeks but with Space and Ground skills in the same tree only the weak space pvpers may give ground pvp a go in hopes of being "good" at some form of pvp.
Nah, I'm not sure about that. While i don't have any high expectations on the new ground i think it'll spark some new interest in ground pvp. I will defiantly "use" this and try and play some more ground (more than the mandatory 5 times a month ground pvp that era and hilbert "drags" one into).

While i dont think its at all as fun as space i'm giving it a try. I mostly horribly die and respawn but well, that's how i started out in space. I will most likely not put any more points into ground that i currently have (hint: none) but well, i try, at least. :p