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Are you tired of the same old cap and hold map? Tired of being the only one trying to turn a point to your team's color while the rest of your "teammates" abandon you?

Worry not!

Introducing the new, action-packed, fast-paced, trigger-finger-reaction-times pvp gameplay that's guaranteed to grow with the game!

The rules are simple:

2 opponents, the perfect duel...

There will be an impartial third party judge...

The judge will then say something like: "Now, change into Doctor McCoy's uniform in Star Trek 2!"

Then the 2 players will then change their costume as fast as possible into the stylish black and red ensemble that the good doctor sashayed in! Now Timmy, be sure to choose the right shade of light green for his undershirt!

First one to change will be inspected for their accuracy and sense of style. If their costume passes, they're victorious! They'll bask in the adulation and praise of all those gathered around the tailor!

PS: We're sorry for the misunderstanding: Open PvP in season 4 has arrived early and is now in game. Your costume PvP gameplay is now more diverse than ever, with the open jackets pack from the C-store!