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06-08-2011, 08:29 PM
the only thing in the C-store for the kdf that can't be obtained in game that is really worth getting in the vor'cha skin (even thats questionable since its the only other skin the vor'cha has and many believe it should have been free) and maybe one of the bridge packs. most of the bridge packs are just recolours of the versions we already get free or they add a pillar or two in randomly. I think one of the battlecruiser type packs actually has a half decent layout thats different enough from the free ones to be worth it.

other than those...
targ pup, many people got it for free, many others don't carer about it one way or the other
borg officer, same deal many people got it for free though at least more people that didn't actually care about it.
melee weapon pack... becase kdf don't do a pretty cool mission to get a purple batleth that levels with you...

yea Dan may want to look at whats actually on offer kdf side, might show him why kdf c-store stuff isn't selling so well.